Biochemistry Test

Biochemistry is not just a single test but a complete profile of tests that use your blood to get through with the tests. These test results let the clinician evaluate the functionality of various organs and systems of your body. These critical organs include the liver and kidneys so, you can make a guess how important these tests are. So, if someone asks you to get one of these tests done, make sure that you take complete precautions while getting through with it.

Also, these tests can either get done when you are on an empty stomach or they can not get done at all. So, make sure to keep this in mind while getting through with one of these tests. You also get your complete blood count (CBC) in addition to the Biochemistry Test that helps evaluate your overall health and issues like anemia, infection and leukemia.

So much said and mentioned, you might already know how critical this test is that calls for great help when these tests are done. It is the reason why you should always find the best for yourself, and Empire Clinical Laboratory strives to be the best all the time. We have ensured to arrange all the required equipment in our labs for every single test you might need to get done under the Biochemistry Test profile.

At Empire Clinical Laboratory, you can reach out to get your Diabetes tested along with Renal function, Gout, Bone health, parathyroid gland function, vitamin D status, Risk of cardiovascular disease, Liver and bile duct function, Hemolytic disorders, Adrenal gland function, dehydration, oedema, hypertension, blood pH abnormalities, etc., and Nutritional status and bone marrow function.

If you do not feel like coming to our laboratory, even then you do not have to worry about your test as we have covered that for you. You can always opt for our Door Step Sample Collections service that we offer on request. This way, you would not have to waste a single minute of yours and your sample will be collected in the comfort of your home.

How can I avail Biochemistry Test at Empire Clinical Laboratory?

All that you need to do is fill out a simple form at our website that you can do by following the steps that we have mentioned below:

● Reach out to our website.
● Hover on ‘Our Services’.
● Click on the test that you wish to get done.
● Fill out the form that appears on the right side of your screen using your personal
● Click on the ‘Submit’ button to finish the process.

In the end, once you get done with sample collection, we run it through our National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL). It is the face of trust when it comes to clinical laboratories so, you can be assured of quality and safety when in our hands.

So, you won’t only get the best of the technology dealing with your bodily fluids but you will also get a seal of trust on the envelope of your result.

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